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The Bandroom 1926 – 2016 Chapter 10 Polling Station

The Bandroom has recently become a Polling Station for elections held in Aberystwyth. Many people who hadn’t realised the Bandroom existed have now visited the Bandroom to cast their votes in local and national elections and the EU Referendum. We do hope that you have enjoyed Peter’s History of the Bandroom in Aberystwyth. Our next […]

The Bandroom – A History 1926 – 2016 Chapter 8 Visitors from Ireland

In 1985 the Middleton Band near Cork in Ireland visited the town for a musical weekend. Photos show members of both Aberystwyth and Middleton band outside the bandroom in 1985

The Bandroom – A History (1926-2016) – Chapter 7 Rehearsals and Learners at the Bandroom

Learner classes became established by the band in the 1970s before the introduction of school brass tuition. They began under the leadership of Bandmasters Bill Dickie and Hywel Jones and continued under John R. Davies. The classes were a great success with several of the young players later becoming professional musicians. Photos show learner classes […]

The Bandroom – A History (1926-2016) – Chapter 6 1960 Christmas Party

Following the welcome addition of a new kitchen, a Christmas Party was held in the Bandroom. During the 1960 Band Christmas party and twins Donald and David Warrington and Don’s wife Gwen are seen in the new kitchen   By Peter Henley

The Bandroom – A History (1926-2016) – Chapter 4 Railway Neighbours 1960 – 1980

The Vale of Rheidol railway, although fenced off, ran in front of the bandroom from 1926 until Easter 1968. The band players had to access the bandroom along a path which led from Park Avenue alongside the main cattle market building.   In the photograph below we can see passengers and crew boarding a train that’s […]

The Bandroom – A History (1926-2016) – Chapter 3 Bandroom Improvements 1950s

During the 1950s a cattle market was built next to the band hall entrance. During that decade several of the players took it on themselves to carry out improvements to the bandroom by building an entrance hall, a small toilet to the side and fit new steel framed windows that still survive today. New drainage […]

The Bandroom – A History (1926 – 2016) – Chapter 2 1939 – 1945

By the start of the Second World War in 1939, many public buildings were requisitioned for the war effort. The band was disbanded and the instruments were stored under a tarpaulin in the town council yard behind the gas office, an area now being developed as the latest retail park in Park Avenue. The bandroom […]

The Bandroom – A History (1926 – 2016) Chapter 1 – 1926 – 1939

Previous to 1926 the town band relied on the use of a rehearsal room in the enclosed skating rink next to Capel y Morfa opposite the former town hall, now Ceredigion Library. It never was satisfactory and being in a residential area they suffered regular complaints following their rehearsals. The decision was made by the Aberystwyth […]