The Bandroom – A History (1926-2016) – Chapter 3 Bandroom Improvements 1950s

14355129_1092843164130312_1799013745209365356_nDuring the 1950s a cattle market was built next to the band hall entrance.

During that decade several of the players took it on themselves to carry out improvements to the bandroom by building an entrance hall, a small toilet to the side and fit new steel framed windows that still survive today.

New drainage pipes were laid by the band members who also dug the drainage ditches for the pipes to be laid in. The chimney stack that served a small coal fire was taken down as well.

The bandroom survives there today becoming part of the retail development in the new millennium.
The crescent shaped window Survived into the 1980s when the new owners, Ceredigion County Council decided to remove it and block the space up.

by Peter Henley

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