The Band


Aberystwyth Silver Band over its career has competed in brass band contests at national and local level and is proud of its long history.

Early records show that civic duties provided by the town band date from the period coinciding with the development of the town and promenade outside the castle walls in the early 19th century.

The principal duties of providing music for summer entertainment, civic processions and remembrance services have changed little in those 170 years. In 1926 the town built a band hall and provided a set of instruments for the band in Park Avenue.

The hall is still in use today some 80 years later, having been recently redecorated with the support of the Lions and the Ceredigion County Council.

Following the Second World War the band reformed as the British Legion band and survived under this title until 1957. Two of those players who joined the band as young players some fifty years ago play in the band today.

Today’s band is made up of local young and old players and university students whose role within the band has become increasingly vital.

The band is constantly aware of the role that it plays in the town’s community providing the music for local events and in the training and development of young musicians.